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Tu Lan cave trek

Venture off the well-worn tourist trail to discover Vietnam's stunning cave systems.

Vietnam's famous Paradise Cave and Phong Nha Cave are magnificent, but their easy accessibility means that you'll always be sharing them with other tourists. For those who favour a more adventurous experience, and would like to venture deep in the jungles of central Vietnam, the Tu Lan cave trek is a fantastic alternative.

Beginning at Tan Hoa Village you'll set off into the magnificent countryside of the national park, where flat flood plains lie surrounded by towering, leafy, limestone mountains. Ascending into the jungle-clad mountains, you'll scramble up and down steep, rocky slopes and along narrow paths to arrive at your campsite, located next to a beautiful waterfall. The location really couldn't be more picturesque, set at the foot of a sheer cliff with a small beach and a clear pool for swimming. After exploring Ken Cave this afternoon, dinner will be served at the campsite - you wouldn't believe what delicacies the porters can rustle up in such a remote setting!

The second day of the trek takes you further into the caves, and you'll be climbing, scrambling and swimming more than walking. Equipped with life jackets and safety helmets, you'll explore Tu Lan Cave, Kim Cave and Hung Ton Cave, learning more about the region and its interesting cave formations from your guides as you go. To conclude the trek, you'll emerge from Hung Ton Cave and retrace your steps back to Tan Hoa Village.

This overnight adventure involves plenty of challenging uphill terrain, scrambling over rocks, climbing through dark caves and about a kilometre of swimming - so you'll need to be in good shape! The scenery in this region is truly stupendous, however, and rewards every effort tenfold. To cap it all off, you'll barely see a soul along the way, and have the privilege of discovering a beautiful region hidden from the tourist buses.

We can organise trekking adventures of various lengths and difficulties - get in touch with one of our experts to find out more.

When to go: The Tu Lan cave trek is available in any month except October. From November until April temperatures can be quite chilly - so be sure to pack extra warm things for the evening and quick-drying clothes for trekking and swimming.

Tu Lan cave trek

located in Phong Nha National Park

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