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Traditional Craft And Ancient Villages

Just 30km outside the bustling capital of Hanoi you are transported back in time to traditional craft villages, ancient streets and beautiful rice fields

When in Hanoi you could be forgiven in thinking that the vast maze of busy streets, local vendors and businesses stretch on forever. However, taking a short trip outside the city you are transported into the countryside which seems a world away from the modern capital.

Just 45 minutes by car, you arrive at Long Thuong village - homeland of Bronze casting since 13th century. Stroll around the village observing dozens of families' working hard to complete creations such as tripod cauldrons, incense-burners and flower vases. Engage with the locals to learn about their history and how they have kept this traditional craft alive over the years.

A short 20 minute walk brings you to the 200-year-old Nom village that still retains its ancient beauty. Meander through the village to uncover beautiful architectural complexes, local houses, ancient wells, historic bridges and banyan trees, the typical features of northern villages. Follow narrow brick roads, visit a rustic house and chit chat with the host over a cup of tea to get an insight into the local life and the traditions. Before returning to Hanoi, visit the spiritual centre of the village - Nom pagoda - situated in an ancient pine forest in the past, and famous for preserving over 100 ancient Buddhist statues.

Traditional Craft And Ancient Villages

located in Hanoi

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