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Hanoi's water puppets

The popular water puppet show in Hanoi is famous for bringing traditional storytelling and water puppetry to a modern audience.

Originating as an art form in the local communities around Hanoi, roi nuoc puppetry was originally performed in flooded rice paddies. Today, in the city of Hanoi, it has been transported to a modern setting - complete with a small orchestra and singers who perform alongside the dancing puppets. Performances for around an hour, and brings to life many Vietnamese myths and traditional customs.

Hanoi has a large public water puppet theatre next to the Hoan Kiem Lake. Alternatively, we can arrange a private experience, giving you the opportunity to try the techniques of water puppetry for yourself.

When to go:

Hanoi's water puppets

located in Hanoi

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Interested in this Experience? It is included in this tour:

  • A two-week tour visiting the many glorious cultural and scenic UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

    World Heritage Indochina

    Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are the jewels of Indochina; with so many staggeringly beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites to see and explore this route has it all. Take your time to discover this enchanting region and see how these ancient worlds meet the 21st century in Southeast Asia.

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    A two-week tour visiting the many glorious cultural and scenic UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

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