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Military history tour of Hanoi

Military history tour of Hanoi

Discover the background of the Vietnam War as you explore Hanoi's most important historic sites.

Ho Chi Minh City and central Vietnam are well-known for their clutch of wartime sites, including the Cu Chi Tunnels, the War Remnants Museum, and the DMZ. But what about Hanoi?

Though most of the fighting occurred in the south, Hanoi has some truly fascinating places to dig deeper into the history of the Vietnam War. To help you get beneath the surface of this pivotal period in Vietnamese history, we've enlisted a knowledgeable local guide to lead you on a half-day tour of the capital.

Beginning at your hotel, your guide will accompany you by car to the Military History Museum, where photos and exhibits will introduce you not just to the Vietnam War but conflicts throughout the country's history. Stopping by the Hanoi Flag Tower you'll learn about its symbolic significance to the Vietnamese, before moving on to Hoa Lo Prison - built by the French to house political prisoners during the colonial period, then adopted by the North Vietnamese to house their prisoners of war. The prison earned the nickname "Hanoi Hilton" among US troops, and housed Senator John McCain and Pete Peterson, America's first post-war ambassador to Vietnam. Moving on, you'll visit the B52 Victory Museum to learn about the role of the B52 Stratofortress in the conflict, and conclude your journey at Long Bien Bridge - a key strategic asset in the war.

Whether you're a history buff or a complete beginner, this half-day tour will provide a fascinating glimpse of wartime Vietnam and enhance your understanding of the country - both through the sites you visit and the personal stories of your guide.

Military history tour of Hanoi

located in Hanoi

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