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Cyclo ride around Hanoi's Old Quarter

Cyclo ride around Hanoi's Old Quarter

Discover the '36 streets: a warren of narrow alleys packed with street food stalls that make up Hanoi's Old Quarter.

Crammed with markets, street food stalls, noodle bars and coffee shops, the bustling Old Quarter is home to literally thousands of small businesses, and is the heart of Vietnam's capital city.

The area close to Hoan Kiem Lake dates back more than a thousand years, and has long been home to different trades and guilds. Often the streets are named after the particular craft or skill that could be purchased there - such as silverwork, leather shoes, porcelain or silk. Many of these crafts can still be found in their respective streets today.

The Old Quarter is packed with charm, and from the very first cafe sua da (Vietnamese iced coffee) of the morning to the last bia hoi (fresh beer) at night, you'll see locals and visitors rubbing shoulders at the many tiny cafes and bars that line the streets. Get a feel for the area on a cyclo tour through the streets as you weave through the crowds, then hop off to continue your exploration on foot.

Cyclo ride around Hanoi's Old Quarter

located in Hanoi

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