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Insider Experience: Unveiling Vietnam's History Through Art

Seek out Hanoi's vibrant arts scene with a passionate, resident expert. Visit galleries, museums and art cafes, seeing how the country's history is reflected in its art.

Gain a better understanding of Vietnam's past and its evolving cultural heritage on this memorable insider's tour.

First head to a charming art café you will meet a local art expert for a cup of coffee for an introduction into Vietnam's arts scene before setting off with your host to the National Museum of Fine Arts, the perfect place to learn about Vietnam's cultural heritage.

See art created during the colonial era, where European influences fused with traditional Vietnamese style to give birth to the country's modern art movement. Travel through time while admiring war time sketches and propaganda posters and gain a better understanding of how artists played a key role in the revolution and subsequent reconstruction of the nation.

From this collection of historic paintings, travel to one of Hanoi's longest running contemporary galleries. See the rapid changes Vietnam underwent after the war with the arrival of a contemporary art market.

The final stop on this Hanoi art tour is a vibrant art space café. View the current exhibition, which rotates on a regular basis, before being given a lively and informative presentation about the work of Vietnamese contemporary artists. Hear predictions for the future of Vietnamese art and learn more about the country's emerging art prodigies.

This tour is conducted by a resident of Hanoi with a wide art background, usually either Fabiola Buchele or Bill Nguyen. Fabiola is an Austrian arts and culture journalist who moved to Hanoi three years ago from London to start an online publication which covers the alternative arts and culture scene in Vietnam. Bill studied art history in the UK before returning to his native Hanoi to work as an artist.

Insider Experience: Unveiling Vietnam's History Through Art

located in Hanoi

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