Inside Asia Tours: Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

Pull up a stool and join the locals!

Whether you are already familiar with the cuisine of the region or experiencing it for the first time, we guarantee you'll be hooked on the fabulous, fresh and flavoursome offerings that await!

Vietnam may grab the culinary headlines with its internationally recognised array of delights, but the light coconut amok curries, Khmer barbecues of Cambodia, and the lovely Lao salads and noodles will more than satisfy the travelling foodie! We'll let you make your own mind up about the deep fried tarantulas.

Fabulous, freshly-cooked food is an inseparable part of daily life in this part of the world; on every street corner something is cooking - from the recognisably tasty pho noodles or crunchy baguettes to the more rarefied delights of sea snails and scorpions. Whatever you stumble across we urge you to get stuck in and give it a try - you'll soon discover new friends as well new tastes. Just pull up a plastic stool, point at something your neighbour is tucking in to and give a big grin. You'll not be disappointed!

  • Lao cuisine

    Much like the country itself, Lao cuisine remains somewhat of a mystery to most outsiders. Here's your chance to discover its secrets!

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  • Countryside Cooking In Siem Reap

    Travel out into Cambodia's rural countryside to discover the secrets of authentic Khmer cuisine; one of the least known but most flavoursome of Asia's gastronomic offerings.

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