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Pu Luong

Only few hours from Hanoi lies the breath-taking scenery of Pu Luong, with its limestone mountains, remote traditional villages, green rice fields, farms and stilted houses.

Pu Luong Map

Located in northern Vietnam, approximately 180km from Vietnam's bustling capital Hanoi, the Pu Luong Nature Reserve is an area of natural outstanding beauty, blessed with rich forests, limestone vistas, rice terraces and breath-taking scenery. Here you can escape into the rustic and mountainous countryside which is perfect for those who are in search of adventurous and authentic experiences.

Whether your preference is for peaceful strolls through fertile valleys or vigorous hikes in search of minority Black Thai & Hmong villages deep in the forested mountains, rafting and kayaking down the Nam Ma River, and cycling through the stunning scenery, the region will deliver an unforgettable experience. The landscape is ideal for trekking, and what makes this such an appealing destination is the retention of the traditional wooden stilt-house architecture in the local villages, along with the surrounding rice terraces and beautiful panoramas.

Recommended Accommodation in Pu Luong

The following are some of our favourite accommodation options in Pu Luong.