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Preah Vihear

Much less visited - but equally as charming - as the main Angkor temples, Preah Vihear offers visitors an experience like no other.

Preah Vihear Map

“Walking up the grand ancient steps cut into the mountain and the impressive 500 meter causeway connecting the different levels, I was swept up by the surrealistic atmosphere of this grand Hindu temple. I can think of no better setting for worshipping the gods!”

Liam Koehler, Travel Consultant

Starting at the steep steps leading to the entrance of the complex and ending on the 5th level with magnificent views over the plains below, visitors will follow in the footsteps of thousands of ancient worshippers on their way up to the summit. It is well worth making the extra effort to visit this peaceful Hindu temple, and escaping the crowds which otherwise might distract you from its beautiful and spiritual setting.

Recommended Accommodation in Preah Vihear

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