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Nam Et Phou Louey

The National Protected Area (NPA) of Nam Et-Phou Louey is located in the northeast of Laos and is one of the country's 20 protected regions.

Nam Et Phou Louey Map

Nam Et - Phou Louey National Protected Area (NEPL-NPA) is located in northeast Laos, one of 20 NPAs declared in 1993. The park covers an area of 4,229 square kilometres and is one of the largest in Laos. The NPA is mostly hilly or mountainous and is the source of many rivers. It is named after its two main features, the Nam Et River and Phou Louey Mountain. The area has primary forest remaining in many areas, a high level of biodiversity, and a number of endangered species including tiger, gaur, Sambar deer, and white-cheeked gibbon.

Ecotourism activities with the NEPL NPA have been developed to provide an additional livelihood opportunity for local people surrounding the Protected Area. All tours have been designed to create a direct link between conservation and tourism so that the money that visitors pay has a positive impact on encouraging local people to protect endangered wildlife. This is achieved through active community involvement, and the creation of conservation linked financial incentive mechanisms.

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