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An old colonial town on the Mekong River not far from the Laos border, Kratie is one of the few places left for spotting the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphin.

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“Koh Trong Island opposite Kratie town offers an idyllic slice of rural Cambodian life, while the elusive Irrawaddy dolphins are great fun to spot!”

Ruth Hubbard, Product Manager

Kratie (pronounced "kra-cheh") is a dusty, little town with some tatty, yet atmospheric French colonial buildings clustered around the port. As in many Cambodian towns, life congregates around the river front which boasts some of the best Mekong sunsets in the land.

A short ferry ride from Kratie takes you to Koh Trong, literally "the king's island". This giant sandbar is the Cambodian Mekong's hidden gem; a world apart from the hustle & bustle of Kratie. There are no cars on the island so transport is by bicycle, motorbike taxi or horse-drawn cart. Surrounded by sandy beaches for 8 months of the year, the island is full of pretty villages, traditional wooden houses on stilts, banana trees and friendly, waving children. There are several homestay projects on the island, plus the chance to plant a tree or see a rare Mekong turtle.

15km north of Kratie is the best spot anywhere on the Mekong to see the rare Irrawaddy dolphins. Believed by Cambodians to be part human and part fish, sadly the dolphins are now an endangered species. It's thought only 70 or so dolphins remain as numbers plummeted from around 1,000 during the civil war when the dolphins were hunted for their oils. Today tourism has replaced hunting and small motorboats shuttle visitors to see the dolphins while keeping a respectful distance. The dolphins grow to 2.75 metres and have distinctive bulging foreheads although (if you're patient!) you'll really only see their little dorsal fins dancing above the water.

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Weather in Kratie

The Climate Guide for Kratie is perfect for planning your holiday. Monthly weather averages give the best indication of what the weather is usually like for every month of the year including figures for temperature, rainfall and sunshine.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max Daytime Temperature (°C) 31 32 34 35 33 32 31 31 30 30 30 29
Min Night-time Temperature (°C) 20 21 23 24 24 24 24 24 24 23 22 20
Hours of Sunshine (Daily) 8 8 8 7 6 5 5 5 5 6 7 7
Hours of Daylight (Daily) 12 12 12 12 13 13 13 12 12 12 12 11
Heat and Humidity Discomfort High High Very High Very High Very High Very High Very High Very High Very High High High High
Days with some Rainfall 2 2 4 7 15 18 19 20 19 17 8 5
Monthly Rainfall (mm) 4 8 27 70 173 208 239 234 271 223 99 25
UV Index (Maximum) 10 11+ 11+ 11+ 11+ 11+ 11+ 11+ 11+ 11 10 9