Inside Asia Tours: Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

Cambodian Culture

For many people in the West, Cambodia is synonymous with the war of the 1970s and the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge. Though it will be a long time before it truly recovers from these atrocities, Cambodia today is a vibrant country with a fascinating culture, beautiful scenery and friendly and welcoming people.

In the sections below we delve a little into some of the culture, society and history of Cambodia, with its rich ethnic mix of peoples, traditions, religion, art and wonderful food.

  • Religion


    95% of Cambodian people practise Theravada Buddhism, worshipping in a syncretic fashion that incorportates beliefs from various different traditions.

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  • People


    The Khmer people of Cambodia are one of the oldest ethnic groups in Southeast Asia, having settled in the lowland Mekong area no later than 2,000

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  • Social conventions

    Social conventions

    Many of Cambodia's customs are linked to Buddhist religious practice. This is our introduction to the local manners, from haggling to table manners.

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  • History


    Since the days of the Khmer Empire, Cambodia has endured colonialism, indepedence, and the Khmer Rouge to emerge unbroken into the modern era.

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  • Culinary Traditions

    Culinary Traditions

    Learn about Cambodia's delicious cuisine, which includes steaming amok curries, delicious spices, fresh herbs and mouth-watering exotic fruit.

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  • Art & Architecture

    Art & Architecture

    Cambodia is famous for its beautiful architecture - from its spectacular Khmer-era temples the colonial relics of Phnom Penh: the Pearl of the Orient.

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