South Korea

2020 sees the launch of our new tailormade South Korea tours! Whatever kind of trip you envision - hiking in Seoraksan National Park, dancing all night in Gangnam, or snapping breathtaking photos of the multi-coloured homes in Busan - we do it all! 

Tailormade South Korea Tours

The moment you think you've got South Korea figured out, it bowls you over again.  This is a country that has gained an impressive reputation as a powerhouse of industry and a titan of technological advancement, yet still the ancient Confucian principles of honour, loyalty, duty and honesty influence all aspects of daily life, including eating, prayer and celebration. It's rare that a culture can develop in this way; thundering into the future yet bringing the past along for the ride. After a tumultuous 20th century, South Korea has bloomed, and the vivacious atmosphere in vast, gleaming cities like Seoul and Busan reflect this age of advancement and positivity.

Whether exploring the electric hubbub of Seoul, the mythology of its ancient temples and palaces, or the tranquil majesty of the country's rugged national parks, visitors to South Korea will discover a country overflowing with a genuine warmth, a deep-running sense of duty, a love of quirkiness, and an infectious optimism.

Oh - and let's not forget that holy of holies: South Korean barbecue!

We’re opening up a whole new country’s worth of adventure – which means that more lucky travellers will get to experience a unique, under-the-surface trip to South Korea. What about you - are you feeling bold? Are you a spirited adventurer?

We’re looking for pioneering individuals hungry to try this brand new destination; if you’re curious to take a deep dive into South Korea and its magnificent culture, get in touch!

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