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Are you hoping to plan the perfect honeymoon?  Maybe you are planning a family holiday and are looking for inspiring activities that will keep both you and the kids entertained? Perhaps you are in search of adventure and excitement, trekking through dense jungle seeking ancient ruins or diving in clear waters off tropical islands?

Welcome to our "Themes" channel. Here you will find everything you need to help you plan the perfect holiday to suit your needs and interests. Everything you find within each theme is geared precisely towards the trip you want. You'll find recommended experiences, Fully Tailored Journeys, suggested Group Tours and even accommodation that we have specially selected as fitting well within the theme.

    • Classic Cultural Journeys

      Are you looking for the perfect introduction to Myanmar (Burma), combining the popular highlights whilst providing a deep insight into the people and culture of this fabulously exotic destination? If so you've come to the right place - the itineraries found here are intended to provide first-time visitors with the ideal introduction to this endlessly fascinating country. Many years' experience of interpreting our clients' interests and preferences, combined with the most up to date local knowledge of the best new experiences and accommodation, has gone into the creation of these recommended itineraries.

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    • Honeymoons

      Myanmar (Burma) may not be the obvious choice for a honeymoon destination, but why not avoid the herd heading for the Maldives and do something more interesting instead? After all, if what you want from your honeymoon is a combination of exotic destinations, fascinating culture and romantic relaxation on palm-fringed beaches, there really is nowhere better. Avoid the honeymoon conveyor-belt and experience something truly unforgettable! 

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    • Family Holidays

      The welcoming people, fascinating cultural destinations and beautiful beaches make Myanmar (Burma) the ideal option for those seeking a unique travel experience for a family holiday. This is an extremely safe destination, delighted to welcome international visitors after many years of isolation, and for families this will be an absolutely unforgettable experience, enriched by the welcome you are sure to receive wherever you go.

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    • Cruises

      Myanmar (Burma) is home to one of Asia's great rivers, the Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady), which begins in the north of the country and flows south for more than 2,000 km past many of Myanmar's most celebrated destinations. During the British colonial era the Irrawaddy was the principle route for transport between the capital Rangoon and the north, giving rise to Kipling's reference to the river as "the road to Mandalay". Journeys on the Chindwin River, one of the Irrawaddy's largest tributaries, offer a chance to explore otherwise inaccessible parts of northern Myanmar (Burma) in comfort and style.

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    • Activity Holidays

      From the jewelled Andaman Sea to the snow-capped Himalayas on the border of Tibet, Myanmar (Burma) is home to a myriad landscapes and habitats from dense jungle to arid semi-desert. These diverse settings provide a fabulous range of activities and experiences, whether you're after exciting adventures or something more sedate. Whether it's exploring by bike, discovering the quiet corners of Bagan away from the tour groups, paddling through the Irrawaddy Delta on a night safari in search of crocodile or grabbing a bucket and joining the locals in the annual water-splashing festival, there are magical experiences aplenty to help you get beneath the surface of this enigmatic country.

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