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Trek Through Mount Victoria National Park

The in-depth Mount Victoria trekking loop will take you deep into the Chin State, where women have tattooed faces and the little visited villages have views to the Chin mountains and beyond

This three night four day trek is not for the inexperienced walker, but for those with a taste of adventure and a sturdy pair of boots, the sky is the limit! Beginning with a transfer by open-air jeep, this route takes you up into the heartland of the Chin State, where over the next three days you'll trek from village to village through the forested lowlands, stopping off at morning markets, meeting locals and of course spending time on the mountain itself. The villages around Mount Victoria are famed for the ladies with their tattooed faces - a tradition steeped in history that you will learn more about from your guide as you trek. You should know that accommodation during the trek is incredibly basic and the route is advised for experienced walkers only.

Trek Through Mount Victoria National Park

located in Kanpetlet

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