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Meditation at a monastery

Meditation at a monastery

For an introduction to Burmese Buddhist practices a visit to Yangon's renowned Mahasi Monastery is the perfect choice.

Mahasi is recognised across the country as an "Educational Spa", with pilgrims visiting to learn, study and practice Vipassana meditation. Mahasi usually requires a minimum of one week of study for the local yogis, however they have granted special permission for our clients for a one-day programme.

As part of the experience you'll meet with the venerable monk, who will discuss the importance of meditation in the life of the Burmese Buddhists. A meditation teacher (monk) will then teach you techniques and methods that have been used in Myanmar (Burma) for centuries.

After an hour of instruction and discussion, it is time to practise what you have learned. Move into the meditation hall for your session, where you can attempt to enter a deep meditative state as you relax in the quiet, peaceful setting of Mahasi.

Meditation at a monastery

located in Yangon

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