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Hot air ballooning over Ngapali

New for 2016, our partners at Oriental Ballooning have added a new string to their bow: balloon flights over Ngapali.

Most travellers think of Ngapali solely as a beach resort (and a beautiful one at that), but in fact it sits on the edge of a great tract of untouched rainforest, off-limits to tourists and teeming with rare wildlife. Boarding your balloon in the early morning mist, you'll soar over this inaccessible region and enjoy unparalleled insight into a part of Myanmar (Burma) unknown to tourism. Visitors have spotted exotic birds flying from tree to tree, monkeys in the jungle canopy, remote temples amid the foliage and mountains wreathed in mist.

Oriental Ballooning already offer flights over Bagan and Inle Lake, but what Ngapali offers that these destinations don't is a chance to see into Myanmar's wildest and least-known reaches, giving it an exhilarating edge over other, similar experiences. It's an experience you'll certainly never forget.

When to go: The ballooning season at Ngapali runs from around early December until mid-March, weather permitting.

Hot air ballooning over Ngapali

located in Ngapali

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