View of Ngapali beach


Can we be so bold as to call this the best beach in Southeast Asia? Go and decide for yourself. Lapped by the warm waters of the Bay of Bengal, Ngapali’s palm-fringed coastline has barely a soul in sight.

If you thought the days of pristine beaches completely undiscovered by tourist hoards were gone, think again. We're about to let you in on a secret, and it's called Ngapali.

Lapped by the warm waters of the Bay of Bengal, Ngapali is 24 km (15 mi) of palm-fringed coastline. Although probably Myanmar's favourite beach location, this area is decidedly and refreshingly off the standard travellers' trail, boasting all the tropical beauty of Thailand's coast without the attendant swarms of tourists and gap year backpackers. In fact, there’s barely a soul in sight other than the local fishermen launching boats off the beach.

Ngapali is a strip of bungalow beach resorts and restaurants, and that’s about it. No clubs, no loud music, no beach parties. Sip a cocktail and tuck into superlative seafood, including prawns the size of your fist and fresh, meaty crab.

Away from the water, Ngapali’s interior is a great tract of untouched rainforest, teeming with rare wildlife, but off-limits to tourists. However, it’s possible to view it all from the sky, at the crack of dawn in a hot air balloon. As you soar above the canopy, you’ll see mist rising from the jungle as exotic birds sing their morning song.

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