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Tuesday, 29th March 2016

Why book a tailored trip to Burma?

Burma is one of the most exciting travel destinations of the moment, with the likes of Bagan and Inle Lake high on the list of must-see locations for many. Nobody is debating that now is the time to visit, but there are lots of different ways to travel to Burma, so why would you pick to go on an organised or tailor-made trip?

Expert knowledge

Booking with the experts allows you to get all the benefit of their inside knowledge. This can range from the best places to stay via what you should be wearing to the hidden gems that might not have crossed your mind. While it is some of the headline destinations you may have wanted to visit for a long time, it is the small unexpected encounters that can really make your trip.

Still retain your own choices

While the staff at Inside Asia tours have loads of great ideas about where you should go and what you should do, they still want it to be your holiday. Instead of picking a ready-made package off the shelf, you can tailor your holiday to include the elements that are especially important to you. That could mean wildlife excursions or cooking classes – the choice is yours.

Don’t worry about the logistics

After decades of being shut off from the rest of the world, Burma’s infrastructure is not entirely suited to deal with large numbers of tourists. You can therefore leave the job of deciding how to get from A to B up to your tailor-made tour company and get on with enjoying your time in Burma stress-free.

Giving back to the people

The main reason that Aung San Suu Kyi asked the world to stay away from Burma under the worst years of military rule was to prevent tourists giving money to the regime. While change is underway in Burma, some funds still go to the government, so it’s important that the people running guesthouses and really making your stay are the ones who benefit from it.

Meet like-minded people

You may choose to travel alone to Burma or with loved ones, but alternatively, you could opt to go on a group tour that allows you to meet other like-minded people. Bringing travellers together in this way can be great fun and be the beginning of life-long friendships.

Having support

While travel insurance is always a good back-up, some issues you encounter on your travels don’t require such drastic measures. It’s good to know there’s a group of people who can help with any small problems you have before they escalate. These could range from keeping abreast of security situations to last-minute changes to the itinerary.