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The Life Of The Inthar

Embark on an insightful excursion on Inle Lake. Spend a morning learning about the Inthar people, the native residents of the lake.

Inle lake is the jewel in the crown of the Shan state in northern Myanmar (Burma). There are many ethnic groups scattering around the region, especially the Inthar people who are known for their unique culture and one-leg-rowing technique.

Don a pair of Inthar trousers and a hat then head to the boat jetty and board a private and cruise onto the Lake's waters and enjoy the views of the lush mountains that surround the lake. See Inthar fishermen at work and stop for a closer look at their unique techniques, observing how they use  one leg to balance the boat, the other leg to support the fishing cage, one arm to aim the fishing cage and the other arm to steer. It is a technique that is unique to the region and takes years to master.  Join the fishermen, grab a local net and try to catch fish for lunch.

With fish in hand, head onwards to the floating gardens to collect fresh produce. Get up-close and see how these unique farm beds are built using bundles of weeds, mud and bamboo poles. Explore the rows of tomatoes, eggplants and other produce that grow on the highly-nutritious gardens where you can choose a selection of fresh items.

Continue to an Inthar home, stepping into another scene of local life where you will join the hosts in the kitchen for an interactive cooking class. Learn how to cook Inthar favourites like fish steamed in banana leaf, tomato salad, stuffed potato rice balls and more. Then sit down to enjoy the tasty meal and soak-up the experience of dining in a family house.

The Life Of The Inthar

located in Inle Lake

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