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Revolution road: a postcolonial history tour

Revolution road: a postcolonial history tour

Get to grips with modern history as you explore Yangon's key sites and museums dedicated to postcolonial Myanmar.

Learn more of the troubled and often bloody post-independence era of Myanmar's history on a fascinating tour of Yangon's key historic landmarks. Visit the tombs of some of the country's most influential leaders, including U Thant (UN Secretary General) and General Aung San, learning of their place in recent history and their lingering influence on modern Myanmar. Stop in at Aung San Old House, the former residence of General Aung San, which now houses the most important collection of memorabilia of the former independence leader.

After lunch, visit the home of former UN Secretary General (1961-71), U Thant, who brought the country to the world's attention during his tenure. Next, head to Yangon University's convocation hall, where the history of bloody monk and student protests contrasts with Obama's historic address in November 2012.  After years of being closed, Yangon University has reopened to students so clients can only visit the building's exterior.

Make a brief stop at Aung San Suu Kyi's house by Inya Lake. Known as "The Lady", Aung San Suu Kyi (daughter of General Aung San) has become a symbol of Myanmar's democracy movement.

Finally, conclude the day with a visit to the National League of Democracy headquarters.

Revolution road: a postcolonial history tour

located in Yangon

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