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Cooking class in Bagan

Cooking class in Bagan

Impress your friends when you get home by preparing them (probably) the only Burmese dinner party they've ever had!

Start your morning at Nyaung U Market, exploring the stalls where fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and meats are for sale alongside chillies, pastes and other sauces used in local cuisine. Your guide will explain the various ingredients and help you pick out the plumpest chicken, freshest fish and finest vegetables to use in your cooking class.

From here we'll take you to a favourite local restaurant where you will meet the head chef.  A cooking area is set up for the class, where, with guidance from the experts, you'll prepare the ingredients and use traditional techniques to cook a number of Burmese favourites.

During the class you'll also learn more about the national cuisine, its influences and the typical eating habits of the local people. After having prepared the dishes it's time to sit down and enjoy a feast of freshly prepared delights for your lunch. Delicious!

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Cooking class in Bagan

located in Bagan

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