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Myeik city, known locally as Beik, sits on a peninsula extending into the Andaman Sea. Positioned between the Middle East and China, with a safe sheltered harbour, Myeik was once an important international port.

Myeik Map

It is thought that the Portuguese were the first European traders to visit its shores, in the 16th century, and throughout the following century its citizens lived under Siamese rule.

The British occupied the area from 1826 to 1948, making Myeik one of the first cities in Myanmar to become part of British India. At this time, Myeik was known as Mergui. This period in the town's history is reflected in the well-kept colonial buildings - many of which are now merchant shops.

Myeik is a not lacking in charm, with panoramic harbour views from its hillside pagoda, one of the largest fish markets in Myanmar, traditional wooden boats bobbing in the harbour, and streets filled with the bustle of daily life. It's also a great base for visiting the Myeik Archipelago - an area that remains largely unexplored and only began to welcome tourists in 1997.

Recommended Accommodation in Myeik

The following are our favourites from among the western-style hotels and Burmese-style inns of Myeik.