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Only opened up to tourists in 2013, Dawei remains an undiscovered & sleepy tropical town for now.

Dawei Map

Dawei is the administrative capital of the Tanintharyi Region. It has a long history of trade, and development is continuing apace. Despite this, the town has retained its laid-back feel, with many traditional wooden buildings, easy access to undeveloped beaches and characterful fishing villages.

This sleepy town may, however, be threatened by the Dawei Project - which includes plans to construct a deep sea port here, transforming Dawei into Southeast Asia's largest industrial and trade zone. It may come as no surprise to hear that this project has been delayed, and plans to resume construction have only recently been agreed - which is good news for those visiting the area in the near future. Only time will tell whether Dawei retains its small-town charm or becomes one of the engines of modern Myanmar's growth.

Recommended Accommodation in Dawei

The following are our favourites from among the western-style hotels and Burmese-style inns of Dawei.