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  • Tuesday, 18th October 2016

    It's now easier than ever to travel to Vietnam with reduced mobility

    Travelling with reduced mobility can throw up a whole load of issues, but one carrier is working hard to counteract these problems. Vietnam Airlines has started a programme to ensure that passengers with disabilities get the support they need to travel between destinations safely and comfortably.

    A number of enhanced services are now available, offering help for those with walking difficulties, impaired hearing or compromised vision. The elderly or infirm can also take advantage of the aid on offer when boarding or disembarking flights operated by Vietnam Airlines.

    Staff of the airline have undergone special training to ensure they have the knowledge to help those who need it. 80 wheelchairs, all of which are fully equipped and up to international standards, have also been put in place at airports across Vietnam.

    Travellers flying from London Heathrow on daily services to Vietnam will be pleased to know that the route is serviced by a next-generation Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Among the benefits of this aircraft is that is has twin aisles and user-friendly washrooms.

    Anyone travelling either domestically or internationally with Vietnam Airlines will be able to have their personal wheelchair or guide dog on board at no extra cost. Comfortable priority seating will also be offered in accordance with safety requirements.

    In order to ensure that passengers with reduced mobility are able to gain access these benefits, they are required to regist

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  • Thursday, 13th October 2016

    The best excursions from Ho Chi Minh City

    The bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is an incredible destination with loads of attractions to explore, but sometimes it’s nice to escape. There are a number of places within easy reach that can be discovered in a day or a little longer, if you have the time.

    Cu Chi

    Now almost merging with the outskirts of HCMC, Cu Chi was the centre of operations for the Viet Cong during the American War. Of course, you wouldn’t know that from above ground, as the forces gave themselves the added security of being subterranean. Explore the tunnels to understand how such a strategy helped to secure victory.

    The Cu Chi tunnels are 21 miles from central HCMC.

    Can Gio

    This biosphere reserve has been recognised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as an important mangrove forest. Among the creatures that call the wildlife sanctuary home are saltwater crocodiles, dugong and migratory shorebirds. Visiting the area, including the eco zone, beach and former guerrilla base, is best done with a guide who speaks Vietnamese.

    Can Gio lies 38 miles away from HCMC.

    Con Dao Islands

    The Con Dao Islands may seem far from HCMC, but with a flight time of just 45 minutes and six services operating a day, the archipelago is certainly within reach. There are 16 islands to choose from, with stunning beaches and jungles packed wit

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  • Friday, 7th October 2016

    A guide to the waterfalls of the Bolaven Plateau

    The Bolaven Plateau is a fascinating place to visit for a number of reasons. The crater of an ancient volcano in southern Laos has provided an incredible area of biodiversity, as its rich soil, cool temperatures and abundant rainfall, where dense jungle thrives, as well as coffee plantations. But the real highlight of a trip to this elevated area, which reaches heights of 1,300 metres, is its stunning waterfalls.

    Pha Suam

    If visiting the waterfalls from Pakse, then the first you’ll come across is likely to be Pha Suam in the Uttayan Bajiang nature resort. It is situated around 30 kilometres from the city on Route 20. The water tumbles over a ten-metre high cliff into a pool of fish below.

    Tad Suong

    Of the three waterfalls in the vicinity of Tad Lo village, Tad Suong is the most impressive, being the tallest. It’s even more of a spectacle to behold during the wet season, when large volumes of water crash over it. Climb to the top of the falls for stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

    Tad Hang

    Arriving in the village of Tad Lo, head to Tad Hang, which is the best of the waterfalls for swimming it. It is wide rather than tall, making it a gentler prospect and is popular with locals and visitors alike.

    Tad Faek

    Another opportunity for a swim is Tad Faek, which is complete with ledges that the locals love to jump off. If it’s the w

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  • Monday, 26th September 2016

    Should you eat crab in Kep?

    The town of Kep in Cambodia has been known for its local crab since French colonialists reigned over the province. It is so proud of the delicacy that there is a huge statue of the crustacean just offshore, but the question is whether it is still ethical to dine on crab in Kep.

    Just as the French have departed from Kep, so has much of the crab population. Overfishing has led to stocks being seriously depleted and the industry has also damaged coastal habitats, such as coral reefs and seagrass beds.

    This means that visitors to this corner of Cambodia should think carefully about what message it sends out to support the crab industry. After all, there are plenty of other seafood options that are sourced locally and are more sustainable.

    Kep Crab Market

    Like markets across Southeast Asia, Kep Crap Market is a fun and bustling place to visit and a sure-bet for getting a great meal at a low price. Luckily, this cluster of wooden shacks serves more than just crab, so you can opt for another type of seafood without missing out on the experience.

    Overlooking the water’s edge, it’s also a fantastic place to watch the sunset. So choose a spot, indulge in a few sundowners and browse the menu for what you’d like to eat. All of the seafood is freshly caught, but there’s also plenty of Khmer dishes and even the off western option if you don’t want to have fish.

    Alternatives to crab<

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