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Nam Cat Tien gibbon sanctuary

Nam Cat Tien gibbon sanctuary

Visit a sanctuary that rescues and rehabilitates primates, reintroducing them to the National Park.

Next to Ben Cu Rapids is Monkey Island, a small, densely-vegetated island that is home to the Dao Tien Endangered Primate Species Centre. The project is an off-shoot of a UK-based wildlife NGO, and exists to rescue, rehabilitate and eventually release, where possible, various species of gibbon, loris and langurs back into the wild.

Most of the animals here have been confiscated from poachers or the pet trade, and are gradually transferred from enclosures to semi-wild fenced compounds, before going back to the wild; a process which may take a few years to complete depending on the condition of the animal. A visit enables you to view the primates from a distance, but close contact is not permitted as part of the rehabilitation process.

Monkey Island is only accessible by boat, which departs from moorings at the National Park entrance.

Nam Cat Tien gibbon sanctuary

located in Nam Cat Tien National Park

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