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Ride the bamboo train

Ride the bamboo train

As far as quirky experiences go there are few better than Battambang's Bamboo Train, the most ramshackle locomotive you're ever likely to ride!

For the adventurous traveller keen to tick off every conceivable means of transport, the unique Battambang Bamboo Train is sure to be a hit! The colonial-era train line linking Phnom Penh and the west of Cambodia has long since ceased meaningful operation, leaving enterprising locals to utilise makeshift trains, known as nori, to speed up and down the remaining sections of track.

Nori have low fares and are frequent and relatively fast, so they're popular despite their rudimentary design, lack of brakes, poorly maintained rails (often broken or warped) and lack of any formal operating regime. Their simple construction and light weight mean that they can be removed from the track with ease: if two meet on the line, the one with the lighter load is unloaded, lifted and carried off the track to let the other past.

This unusual means of transport has become a novel tourist attraction, and we can attest that it's some of the best fun you can have on two wheels!

Ride the bamboo train

located in Battambang

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