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Weaving and Textiles in Luang Prabang

Pay a visit to the excellent Ock Pop Tok Living Craft Centre to learn traditional textile techniques in a lovely setting by the Mekong River.

From Buddhist scarves and prayer flags to dowry gifts and long traditional skirts, textiles have a great significance in traditional Lao culture. Several villages throughout the country are known for their unique patterns, and the women who make them can often be observed working on their looms in the shade of their stilt houses.

The centre's morning class introduces silkworms and the numerous types of silk used in Laos. You will be taught the secrets of natural dye preparation and have a go at mixing some yourself, using ingredients from the surrounding gardens. By the end of the morning you will have three dyed silk skeins to take home as souvenirs.

The afternoon's session focuses on weaving, for which you will be assigned your very own traditional loom. One of the centre's expert weavers will be your personal tutor to help you master the art of weaving. As a novice you will select just two colours and create a place mat with a Lao motif. After trying it first-hand, the skill required to produce the intricate patterns popular in Lao textiles becomes even more evident!

Weaving and Textiles in Luang Prabang

located in Luang Prabang

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