Inside Vietnam: Cambodia Laos

It's time to get active!

If you prefer to get out of the car and explore a little bit off the beaten track let us show you a side of Indochina most visitors will never see!

In a region blessed with such a fabulous diversity of landscape and topography, from sculpted rice terraces to pristine jungle, underground rivers to aquamarine seas, it is unsurprising that such a fabulous range of outdoor activities should be on offer. From a gentle cycle ride through the rice paddies around Hoi An to grand expeditions into the mountainous jungles of northern Laos; from a gentle kayak around Halong Bay to swimming in the vast, unlit caverns of Phong Nha National Park there are wonderful outdoor experiences to add adventure and excitement to any journey.  All our active options are properly equipped and well-researched to ensure you have appropriate support and equipment for the degree of challenge and risk expected.

  • Diving at Nha Trang

    Boasting a range of soft and hard corals and a variety of other marine life, Nha Trang is a great place for both experienced and novice divers.

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  • Tu Lan cave trek

    Venture off the well-worn tourist trail to discover Vietnam's stunning cave systems.

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