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  • Backstreet’s Back: Get crafty across Asia with Backstreet Academy

    Vicky Garnett is a product executive in our Bristol office, where she spends her time making sure all the trips and experiences we offer are tip-top. Of course, she also regularly heads back out to our destination countries for research! Here, she introduces one of our most exciting new partners: Backstreet Academy. (more…)

  • What’s hot for 2017: The year of the rooster

    Southeast Asia is packed with perennial favourites: places we go back to again and again because of their classic appeal, whether it be natural, historical or cultural. But the world is changing fast, and we're constantly seeing developments across our destination countries that bring new regions to our attention, or let us see our well-known favourites in a different light. So without further ado, where will we be travelling in 2017? (more…)

  • New year, new brochure, new adventures

    2016 may have been an annus horribilis for many, but certainly not at Inside Vietnam Tours – where we’ve grown our team, explored even more corners of Southeast Asia, and sent hundreds more people to our favourite part of the world. Our beautiful new brochure is testament to everything we've learnt. (more…)

  • Ta Prohm: Angkor’s “Tomb Raider Temple”

    The archaeological complex of Angkor encompasses a huge number of structures. When you consider that the majority of visitors to Cambodia stop here for just a couple of days – three or four at best – it is completely impossible to see them all, and to attempt to do so would inevitably result in that dreaded tourist affliction: temple fatigue. With such an archaeological treasure trove at your fingertips, the question is, where should you go? As you might have guessed from the title of this blog post, today I’ll be extolling the virtues of Ta Prohm: one of the most popular of all the Angkor temples. Putting down roots While Angkor Wat, the jewel in the region’s crown, stands today in a remarkable state of repair – Ta Prohm, just a few hundred metres away, is quite another story altoget ...


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