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  • Photo blog: Is Vietnam the most colourful country?

    Group Tour Manager, Elisa shares her lasting impressions of Vietnam two years after her first trip there. Put the kettle on, pretend it's a Vietnamese coffee (condensed milk optional), and lose some time looking at her colourful photographs. (more…)

  • Five unmissable museums in Vietnam

    Ok, hands-up. Visiting a museum probably isn’t top of the agenda when planning a holiday in Vietnam. Temples and pagodas perhaps, but not museums. For some, the very word ‘museum’ stirs negative connotations of trailing around reluctantly after a parent or teacher as a child. How many times have you heard someone say museums are ‘boring’ or ‘time-consuming’? But I’m here to argue that museums in Vietnam are seriously underrated! (more…)

  • Sizzling Vietnamese crepes (Banh Xeo) recipe

      One of my favourite things to eat during my time in Vietnam was Banh Xeo – crispy savoury pancakes coloured yellow with turmeric powder and traditionally filled with pork and prawns, vegetables and bean sprouts. The name translates as ‘sizzling cake’ to represent the loud sizzling sound made as the batter is poured into a hot skillet, but they’re also affectionately referred to as "happy pancakes" - particularly in the US. (more…)


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