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  • Enter the Jungle: Cave trekking in Vietnam

    Vietnam is home to some of the largest (and best hidden) caves on Earth - Violet Cloutman hikes, climbs and swims the underground wonders of Quang Binh Province. This article first appeared in issue #3 of East, the InsideAsia Tours magazine. To subscribe for free or download an online version, click here. (more…)

  • Top 5 foodie experiences in Vietnam

    The cuisine of Vietnam is, without a doubt, one of the tastiest in the world. Jam-packed with fresh herbs and spices, it encompasses a huge variety of dishes – from the light, balanced flavours and fresh seafood in the north to the spicy cuisine of the centre and the tropical fruits and sweet dishes of the south. But where should you begin getting to know such a varied and wonderful cuisine? Here are a few of our favourite foodie experiences to get you started… (more…)

  • Featured itinerary: 10 reasons to choose Karma Cambodia

    Choosing where to go on your next trip is hard. There are so many routes you could choose, so many countries to discover, so many experiences to have – and so little time in which to do it all. Getting that perfect balance of relaxation time and adventure is tricky, as we know better than most. This week, we’ll be giving you 10 reasons to choose Karma Cambodia: an independent itinerary that will take you beyond Cambodia’s famous temples and into its little-visited jungles, beaches and countryside. (more…)

  • Southeast Asia: Worth the wait!

    Amy is one of our most experienced Japan travel consultants, and she recently expanded her expertise to include Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Her first trip to the region certainly didn't disappoint, and here she shares a few of her trip highlights. (more…)

  • Profile in Power: Ho Chi Minh

    No matter where you go in Vietnam, it’s impossible to escape from one particular smiling, bearded face. Gazing down at you from the outsides of public buildings, peering up at you from banknotes and coins, looking out from murals, posters, commemorative busts and postage stamps – even the country’s biggest city is named after him. Yep, of one thing there can be no doubt: Ho Chi Minh is watching you. Who is Ho Chi Minh? Ho Chi Minh was the son of a Confucian scholar who went on to lead the Viet Minh Independence Movement in Vietnam. Thanks to his role as leader (and then figurehead) of North Vietnam during the Second Indochina War, he became a household name in the West as well as a hero in his own country. Born in the village of Hoang Tru in 1890, Ho Chi Minh (then Nguyen Sinh Cung) w ...


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