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InsideBurma Tours Testimonials

Since starting to operate in Burma (Myanmar) we have worked hard to build relationships with socially conscious accommodation, guides and experiences to ensure that the impact we have on the ground is as positive as possible, and as much of the money our clients spend goes directly to local people. We have spoken to some of our top partners so you can see how they feel about working with us, our level of service and what makes us different.

  • Pandaw Cruises

    Pandaw Cruises organise both long and short-haul river cruises which take our clients along the Irawaddy and Chindwin Rivers.

  • "We love welcoming international tourists on our cruises and giving them the opportunity to experience the wonders and contrasts of Burma. Both our local staff and international guests relish the opportunity to share stories and learn more about each other's culture.

    As well as employing our guides and staff the international tourists we welcome help to support the local markets and the local silversmiths, potters and parasol makers, so they really help to support the development of the local economy. 
    As well as soaking up the local culture from the boat, guests on our cruises get the opportunity to strike out on land and visit remote communities and learn more about the local culture. We also arrange trip to the Pandaw schools we have built in many of the small villages along the riverbanks and on remote river islands. 

    For us welcoming international tourists is essential for keeping our staff employed, continuing to support the thriving markets along the riverbanks and it allows us to increase the medical and educational support we give to those living in the areas where we operate."

  • Sanctuary Ananda cruise

    Sanctuary Ananda Cruises allow our clients to explore the Irawaddy and Chindwin rivers from aboard their ship which was constructed from locally sourced materials by local craftsmen.

  • "Since first setting sail in 2014 we have loved sharing the beauty of Burma with our clients, from showing them the Ananda Temple in Bagan (after which our ship was named) to immersing them in the local Burmese culture and traditions. To encourage that emersion and the cultural exchange between our guests we visit villages on the river banks, explore local spice markets and run cooking classes on board.

    Our ship itself very much embodies our philosophy, 'luxury, naturally'. Its construction by local people using local materials was driven by our commitment to conservation and responsible tourism. This approach wasn't only taken in the construction of our ship, but is something we also implement in our daily activities. 

    As well as looking after our guests and the environment we feel a responsibility to support the beautiful country in which we operate. We work together with the people and chief of Sin Kyuan, a remote village just north of Mandalay, to help the village's development. Following their requests we have sponsored the construction of a library and a house for the school's English teacher. This and our continued sponsorship is only possible because of the guests we welcome from across the globe. So we hope to keep welcoming international tourists so we can help Sin Kyuan grow from strength to strength."