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Tea Houses Of Mandalay

Go local with a stop at an iconic tea house in Mandalay.

Tea consumption is a Burmese way of life, and teahouses; an institution. On every corner, at every market, it is a place of business and politics and serve as the social gathering place of Burmese people. Mandalay is without a doubt one of the best places to experience this iconic tradition.

There is no better way to start your explorations of the city than beginning at one of these traditional shops where you'll have the opportunity to brush shoulders with Mandalay residents as they too go about sourcing their morning fill. Sample a hot cup of lah phet yay, or Myanmar tea; typically served sweetened with condensed milk but there are plenty of variations to suit most tastes.

Arriving early morning and spending time people watching and chatting to locals at Burmese teahouses is an experience in itself, especially when staying for breakfast. The teahouses are at their busiest in the morning, where samosas and char kway (breadsticks) get deep fried in a giant woks and naan bread kneaded and stretched to be topped with a mung bean or chick pea sauce. The menu often depends on the origins of the teahouse owner. Shan noodles and mohinga (rice noodles in fish soup) are a favourite in Mandalay, but there is something for every taste. For an extra carb kick to start your day, why not try a deep fried flattened bun stuffed with shreds of fresh coconut and sugar? Truly delicious!

Tea Houses Of Mandalay

located in Mandalay

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