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Yangon for foodies

Yangon for foodies

Want to sample the food and drink that the locals love best? Join us in an exploration of Yangon's classic culinary highlights.

Commence your day of culinary discovery at one of Yangon's main morning markets. Here vendors gather daily to sell everything from fresh vegetables and fruits to fish and meats - as well as a variety of dipping sauces and pastes popular in Burmese cooking (including the local favourite, balachung - a mix of fish paste and chilli).

You'll continue past vendors selling breakfast treats, including pancakes, steamed sticky rice with beans and fried delights such as doughnuts and samosas. There are also dozens of noodle stalls in the area where locals gather for a tasty breakfast on their way to work or school.

Having worked up a thirst, stop in at Maung Aye Tea Shop to sample a cup of traditional sweet Burmese tea and a snack. Crossing the street we'll stop in at Shwe Myot Taw, an Indian restaurant with great palata (a thick local pancake), and Padauk Yeik. With a name that means "in the shade of the gum tree", this stall is a popular place to have le phet thoke: Burmese tea leaf salad. The fermented tea leaves are served with a selection of fried nuts and beans and can be washed down with fresh fruit juice.

Finally, if you've still got any room, head to Feel Myanmar for lunch. Feel is a favourite local curry restaurant, and such is its popularity that by 1.30pm the food is often sold out. Here you'll sample an array of local curries all accompanied by dozens of vegetables, some dips and a soup. This is very traditional, tasty Burmese lunch and a perfect way to complete your culinary exploration of Yangon.

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Yangon for foodies

located in Yangon

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