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  • 10 must-see natural wonders in Burma (Myanmar)

    The best things to see in Burma? All too often we focus on the man-made; those gilded temples and gargantuan Buddhas are undeniably impressive. But make your way through Myanmar's sprawling states to see this magical landscape chop and change for something extra special. Here are 10 of our favourite must-sees and top tips to help you make the most of your holiday. (more…)

  • Vegetarian and vegan guide to Burma (Myanmar)

    It can be hard for vegetarians with itchy feet - take it from one who knows. ‘Vegetarian’ is often loosely understood (and mostly misunderstood) the world over. Having been veggie for a long time, I’ve racked up more than a few unfortunate experiences. (more…)

  • When to travel to Burma (Myanmar): Weather and festivals

    Turning up without a raincoat during monsoon season, finding out about the festival of the year after you’ve arrived home, longing for a boat trip when the water’s too low… it pays to be prepared when planning your holiday, but it can be difficult to find all of the information in one place. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to with our brand new When to Travel to Burma tool. (more…)


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