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With 7000 languages spoken across the globe, it's amazing how many of us only speak one or two. But when you travel, learning just a few words of the language can unlock a world of possibilities.

For all new bookings*, we’re offering a free two-hour lesson in your chosen destination's native tongue, in partnership with italki.

Why? Trying to get started on a new language is always the hardest part. If you’ve been keeping up with the BBC’s latest run of Race Across the World, you’ll see how learning Japanese gave Isabel an advantage over the rest of the competition. A real lesson in ‘throwing yourself into something.’

So, whether you’re deciphering the fast-moving neon of a Tokyo billboard, or trying to order Pho without beef in Hanoi, having some knowledge of the local lingo in your back pocket gives you breathing room on vital travel decisions. Plus, the locals will love you for it.

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*Promotion valid on new UK bookings (of £5,000 or more) that are confirmed before 9th June 2024. The discount is personal and cannot be transferred to any third party. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

Free two-hour lesson

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