Feeling hungry?

Whether pulling up a pew for Japan's conveyor belt sushi, slurping a bowl of Vietnamese pho, or sampling street food favourites in Burma, we've been there, eaten that, and gone back for seconds.

Food and Drink

'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach', so the old fashioned saying goes. But male, female, gluten free, vegetarian or out-and-out carnivore, this goes for just about every traveller. With our hearts well and truly won over, we've found ourselves in a love affair with Asian food.

All of our self-guided adventures, small group tours, and fully tailored journeys showcase local fare. For the most fervent of foodies, we've created gastro inspired itineraries that don't leave any breakfast, brunch, elevenses, lunch, afternoon snack or dinner to chance.

There are plenty of opportunities to get stuck in too; with cookery courses abound, you'll be making authentic dishes long after you return home, and whether you're in Hiroshima or Hanoi, local guides will happily take you to hidden gems with the best local dishes.

Those looking for something a little more swish than street food on holiday won't be disappointed. A meal at one of Japan's many Michelin starred restaurants, delectable afternoon tea at a colonial hotel in Burma, or fine dining at a private villa in Cambodia are just a few specials to splash out on.

Feeling thirsty after all that? Take part in a sake tasting session with an expert in Tokyo, relax with a chilled glass of wine at a Burmese vineyard, or watch the world go by with one of Vietnam's famous coffees in hand.

Gastronomic Adventure

Sushi, street food, ramen safari… this gastronomic journey through Japan is one for hungry travellers.

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Gastronomic Trails of Vietnam

From bowls of pho to fancy fine dining, home cooked suppers to street food stalls, try it all in Vietnam.

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Culinary Cambodia

Eat your way around Cambodia with street food in Siem Reap, Khmer cookery classes and barbeques on the beach.

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Food and Drink in Japan

Ah, Japanese food! Surely the most subtle, intricate and varied cuisine in the world...

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Dining etiquette in Japan

This handy illustrated guide to dining etiquette in Japan will help you avoid any faux pas.

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A taste of Japan...

Sara Pretelli takes us on a gastronomic voyage of discovery around Japan. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it…

Guide to izakaya food: Must eats in a Japanese inn

What is an izakaya and why is it so special? Step behind the door for the secrets of these fun, informal inns.

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Food and Drink in Indochina

Vietnam may grab the headlines, but the light coconut amok curries, Khmer barbecues of Cambodia, and the lovely Lao salads and noodles will more than satisfy the travelling foodie.

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Dishes to try in Cambodia

After three years living in the country, here’s Product Executive Chris Greener's lowdown of the best dishes and restaurant to try.

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Vespa night out

Jump on to the back of Vespas to visit the night markets, cafes and bars. Just like the locals do!

Guide to Vietnam's street food

Our guide to Vietnam’s street food will take you on a gastronomic journey from banh tom in the north to banh mi in the south – with plenty in-between.

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Food and Drink in Burma

Burmese food certainly doesn't have the excellent reputation enjoyed by its neighbours, but there is plenty of delicious Burmese cuisine to sample if you know what to ask for!

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Vegetarian and vegan guide to Burma

Often, where Buddhism leads vegetarian food follows, and 98% of the Burmese population are Buddhist.

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Lahpet: Not your average brew!

Of all the tea-guzzling countries, Burma is particularly unusual. As far as we’re aware, Burma is the only place in the world where tea is traditionally eaten as well as drunk.

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InsideAsia Tours in the press

Our gastronomic adventures have been hitting the headlines recently. Check out our latest press coverage.

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