Family fun

Thinking about your next family holiday but not sure where to begin? We've got you covered. This page will introduce you to our favourite family itineraries and experiences across our specialist destinations, along with our top tips for travel for all ages.

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Family adventures

A great family holiday is an important element in being a happy family. The key to a great family vacation is balancing the factors of it being fun, relaxing and mind expanding, with the need for it to be safe and hassle free. To help you on this with your next trip, we’ve pooled our resources to bring you a dedicated family page packed with ideas, tips and suggestions for travel across the generations.

Amongst the offerings from our team on this page is our guide to Japan’s wackiest theme parks; our top tips for choosing family hotels in Myanmar; some useful phrases for travelling with a baby in Japan, and an overview of our favourite child-friendly experiences in Cambodia and Vietnam – as well as much, much more. Keep checking this page for more links and articles to handy resources to help you plan your next family trip.

In addition to the musings of our more family-orientated staff members, we’ll also be posting stories from customers who’ve travelled with us, giving their slant on what makes Asia the perfect choice for a family holiday.

For more trips, experiences and information, take a look at our family theme pages for each of our destinations: Japan, Indochina and Myanmar.

Travelling with a baby in Japan

In this post, our team of resident mums and dads give their top tips on travelling with a baby in Japan.

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7 great things to do with kids in Laos

From electric bike tours to waterfall swimming, river kayaking and elephant encounters – Laos is packed with great experiences for families.

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Tips for travelling with kids in Myanmar

Our Myanmar team run through some of the challenges of a family holiday to Myanmar and how to plan for them.

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Family travel in Japan by the Ford family

The Fords travelled to Japan with us last year, with their two teenage sons and 11-year-old daughter in tow. Read on to find out how they fared.

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9 amazing experiences for kids in Myanmar

Myanmar may be a new destination on the family holiday circuit, but it’s packed with exciting, child-friendly experiences. Here are a few of our favourites.

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Should I take my children to Myanmar?

Myanmar is an adventurous family destination, but don’t let that put you off! Myanmar’s awesome experiences will make sure your kids have a fantastic time.

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Why toddlers and Japan are such a good mix

Michelle and Oliver head out to Japan for the third time – this time with 3-year-old Xander in tow. Read on to find out how they got on.

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A family baseball game in Japan

The Rothschilds travelled to Japan with their grandson Ethan. Here, Beverley describes some of the differences between baseball at home and away!

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5 fears about travelling with kids

Long-haul travel with children is a scary thought for many, but let us put your worries at rest – overseas adventures don’t have to stop with parenthood!

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8 top tips for planning the perfect family holiday

Read all the best all the best hints, tips and tit-bits from our team of family holiday experts across Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

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Useful phrases for travelling with a baby in Japan

Mark and Rie offer up a few useful phrases to have in your back pocket if you’re travelling with a baby in Japan.

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9 fantastic family experiences in Vietnam

Vietnam is a paradise for families – read this post to find out why.

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Why visit Cambodia with kids?

Sales Director Tom Weston explains why Cambodia makes a fantastic family destination.

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7 ways to make learning fun on holiday

Holidays are a voyage of discovery – read on to find out what your kids could learn in Myanmar.

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3 destinations to delight adults and kids in Myanmar

Here are our top tips on how to tackle Myanmar’s famous destinations with children in tow.

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