Dream Job

We're Hiring! (sort of)

Okay we'll be honest: we can't pay you, you won't be joining us in our lovely new Bristol office, there's a ton of overtime, the commute is 5000 miles, and it's not technically a job. But hear us out; you're gonna love it...

How does travelling the world on us sound?

We're looking for three pioneering individuals willing to embark on a tour of one of our new destinations (China, South Korea or Malaysia & Borneo) and report back. Your flights, hotels, guides, transfers and experiences are on us, and each applicant can bring a plus one. Didn't we say you'd love it?

If you're chosen, we'll build your dream itinerary, staying in luxurious accommodation, visiting world famous sights and finding unknown gems. In return you'll let us know what works, what doesn't, and help us stay the best tour operator this side of the Milky Way.

And that's it.

Enter your details below and we'll email you a link to the application form!

Closing date: Saturday 29th February 2020

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Give us a hand and we'll give you a holiday.

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