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Wanted: Travel testers for new destinations!

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Attention, attention! We have a very special announcement to kick off 2020 at InsideAsia...

we're hiring

Now, we’ll be up front about this: we can’t pay you, you won’t be joining us in our lovely Bristol office, there’s a ton of overtime, the commute is 5000 miles, and it’s not technically a job. 

But we have a feeling you’re gonna love it anyway. 

We are searching for three intrepid individuals willing to take a personalised trip around one of our three new destinations: South Korea, Malaysia and China. Everything’s on us – we’re talking flights, experiences, hotels, guides, and transfers. You can even bring a plus one. 

See? Told you it was good. 

If you’re a cultural sponge and a spirited storyteller with a knack for taking pretty snaps, we want to hear from you. Why these traits? Because we’re asking for a little something in return. 

The chosen candidates will be keeping us up to speed on their adventures on the far side of the globe; we’re talking storiesphotos and short videos. We’re hoping to share highlights of your trip with our readers, as well as learning which parts of our operation need smoothing out, and which are great. In this way we can ensure that all clients travelling with us in future will have the time of their lives. 

So there you have it: give us a hand and we’ll give you a holiday. 

If you’d like to apply, click here and follow the instructions. We’ll be accepting entries until the 29th of February – so you have plenty of time to prepare a scintillating application! 

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Laughing, scantily clad, basking in the sun like an iguana: this could be you.

New decade, new destinations

When we first started guiding people around Japan in 2000 – twenty years ago!? – we didn’t know an awful lot about travel. All we knew was that we wanted to help like-minded people get to know the country we loved, not by ticking off sights, but by building meaningful connections with places and people. Without the early trailblazers who travelled with us all those years ago, we could never have built the wonderful community we have today – of people who share our passion for culturally immersive, experiential and sustainable travel. 

Since then, we’ve arranged thousands of holidays, built a network of friends across Asia, and expanded into Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. While we remain as infatuated with Japan as ever, there are so many other destinations we want to share with you. That’s why, 20 years after our first adventure, we’re embarking on a new one.

Malaysia, China and South Korea are among the most exhilarating destinations in the world today. Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo are home to some of the world’s oldest and most biodiverse forests, combined with a rich culture dating back thousands of years. South Korea reminds us a little of where Japan was back in 2000: bursting at the seams with popular culture, and with an age-old traditional heart that’s barely known to outsiders. And then there’s the cultural behemoth that is China, offering a deep well of untapped experiences far beyond its more well-known routes. 

All of this is waiting to be discovered by the next generation of pioneering travellers – and that could mean you. 

A giant golden goose egg now sits gleaming before you. All you need to do is… pick it up. Or, more accurately, apply here. Start the new decade off right  by winning a twoweek adventure on the far side of the world. 

Best of luck!

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