Discover Korea with InsideAsia

Discover Korea with InsideAsia!

Your chance to go to South Korea courtesy of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)...

Join InsideAsia in an exploration beneath the surface of South Korea! Over the coming months, we’ll be hosting a program of training webinars, promotional assets, and other resources to help you build your business with the exciting food, people, landscape, art, and pop-culture of this small nation. And the most exciting piece - we’ll be offering one stand-out participant in the program the chance to go to South Korea courtesy of the KTO. A huge thank you goes out to them! Read on for all the details. John McMillen, your Trade Marketing Manager, in Broomfield, CO, will be personally with you along the journey.

Who's game?

If you are a travel advisor in the US, eager to learn about South Korea and interested in promoting it as a leisure destination to your clients who love great food, great hiking and scenery, and the joy of discovering a destination rapidly growing in popularity, come along for the ride.

Tell me more...

Feel free to participate in as much of the program as you like and let your fellow advisors know about the opportunity as well! We want to make selling Korea easy and successful for you and hope that you can join us.

To be considered for the trip to Korea, complete the following steps by Friday, October 14th, 2022:

  1. Step one: Register your interest in being considered for the trip
  2. Step two: Attend one of our upcoming South Korea training webinars (signups below)
  3. Step three: Make at least 1 promotional post about South Korea on your social media channels/client newsletter using hashtag #InsideKoreaTravel (assets provided below)
  4. Step four: Submit a 30-second video on why you should be selected to go to South Korea
  5. Step five: Check out the additional resource links from InsideAsia and the KTO

Five steps away from a chance to go to Korea

If you would like to be considered for the trip to South Korea (one advisor selected), click below and provide your name, agency name (and affiliations), and contact details.

Sign me up

Sign up for one of our South Korea training webinars (via Teams) at the time that suits you best...

Session 1: Tues Sep 6th @ 12pm MST

Session 2: Weds Sep 14th @ 6pm MST

Session 3: Thurs Sep 22nd @ 12pm MST

Session 4: Tues Sep 27th @ 6pm MST

Session 5: Weds Oct 5th @ 12pm MST

Please share at least one promotional post about South Korea on your social media channels/ client newsletter using hashtag #InsideKoreaTravel.

Gangnam Style Statue - Seoul

Click here to access a range of South Korea image assets

Submit your video

We’ll be accepting videos via web-link only. Please Email your video’s link to: [email protected]. This can be on any platform you like that we can access via a web browser. YouTube and Vimeo are good options to upload your video and share.

What are we looking for? Here's an example...

Remote video URL

Links to our Korea itineraries

Best of South Korea 2021/2022 |InsideAsia Tours

South Korea might not look so big on a map, but over the course of almost two weeks, this trip will show you that its size doesn’t matter at all – there’s simply so much to see here, and you’ll be hitting all the top spots.

South Korea Highlights 2021/2022 |InsideAsia Tours

If you’d like a trip that’s low on intensity but high on interest, this one’s for you – focusing on three contrasting destinations, it keeps travel time to a minimum. Though you’ll be taken to all the best sights, you’ll also have plenty of time in each place to simply do your own thing.

Best of Korea & Japan | InsideAsia Tours

Vast cities, lush countryside, hyper-charged pop culture and superlative food: Japan and Korea are a classic combo.

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'Discover Korea with InsideAsia' Campaign

This is a promotional campaign for US retail travel advisors, facilitated by InsideAsia Tours (Inside Travel Group), and sponsored by the Korea Tourism Organization. Participation in all elements of the program is voluntary and intended to increase knowledge of South Korea’s leisure travel appeal through interactive destination training, promotional assets and other resources provided.

To be eligible for consideration for the trip to South Korea, the advisor must be a full-time retail travel advisor working in or as a travel agency incorporated in the US or contracting under a US travel agency AND complete all 5 of the requirements listed above. Prior expertise in selling or previous travel to South Korea is not required to be eligible. If not interested in traveling to South Korea at this time, participation is still welcome and encouraged in all program elements.

The campaign will run until Friday October 14, 2022, midnight MST. All eligible advisor submissions will then be considered by ITG and KTO and the advisor selected for the trip along with those not selected will all be informed by the end of October 2022.

The trip must return by September 27, 2023. International economy flights from LAX and all ground arrangements detailed below will be covered by ITG. Travel during high seasons is excluded (Christmas ~ New Years, Korean New Year (January 22-24, 2023), March, April, July and August). The selected advisor may also invite a partner/travel companion to join the trip. If sharing a room, ITG will collect a fee of $2,000 for the partner/travel companion. If separate rooms, the fee will be $3,000.

The trip will follow InsideAsia’s South Korea Highlights 8-day, 7-night 4-star itinerary. The following are included in the itinerary:

  • Breakfast every day 
  • One full-day experience: private city tour of Seoul including Changdeokgung Palace, Bukchon Hanok Village, Gwangjang Market and Myeongdong  
  • Three half-day experiences: tour of Suwon including optional Korean archery, private Busan city tour, Korean cooking class
  • One evening experience: street-food tour of Seoul
  • All entrance fees to sights included in guided experiences 
  • All internal transport & accommodation
  • Private airport transfers
  • Wi-Fi device
  • Pre-loaded T-money transport card

The advisor selected for the trip will be expected to promote their participation in the trip & South Korea to their client base before, during, and after the trip. Support will be given from Inside Travel Group’s Trade Marketing Manager. There will also be some expectation for production of digital assets while in Korea – photos, blog content, etc. More details to come.

The 'Discover Korea' campaign is brought to you by InsideAsia Tours in partnership with the Korea Tourism Organization.

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