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Coronavirus and booking

Our Covid-19 Booking Guarantee

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that you never know what’s just around the corner — but that shouldn’t mean you can’t have something to look forward to. In light of these uncertain times, we’ve completely restructured our booking policy to provide you with maximum flexibility and reassurance, so you know you can book with confidence.

Our full booking terms and conditions are quite long. These are the key changes we’ve made:

1. Refund guarantee

If, within three weeks of your date of departure, you are unable to travel as either you are prevented from leaving your home country by government guidance, or unable to enter the destination country as visitors are not permitted, then you can choose to either rebook your trip to a later date or an alternative destination at no charge, or receive a full refund.

In a rapidly changing situation such as this, where restrictions may be lifted at any time, we use the three-week pre-departure as the decision point to provide the greatest chance of the trip going ahead.

Additionally, if you are prevented from travelling due to personal reasons related to the Covid-19 situation*, and are unable to claim on your travel insurance, we will provide free rebooking or full refund.

2. Balance payment date

We have changed our balance payment due date from 60 days to 42 days (6 weeks) pre-departure.

3. Booking flexibility

Whether or not there is official guidance preventing you from travel, should you wish to rearrange you trip to a later date, or an alternative destination, you will be able to do so without charge up to three weeks in advance of your original departure date. Only additional costs for your new arrangements would be charged.

*We are including the following personal situations in this promise:

  • The customer or a member of the travelling party is asked to go into quarantine or self-isolation for a period of time over-lapping with the planned travel dates.
  • The customer or a member of the party becomes infected with Covid-19 one month or less before the trip commences.
  • The customer or a member of the travelling party has travel restrictions placed upon them by their workplace or educational establishment meaning that they are not able to travel