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  • 3 beautiful beaches in Cambodia

    Our Vicky recently returned from exploring Vietnam and Cambodia, where she was tasked with checking out some of Indochina's less touristed spots. She found paradise on Cambodia's coast. Read on to discover her highlights from the country's beautiful beaches... (more…)

  • Responsible elephant tourism: Part #2

    In the last post in this series on elephants, I gave a brief introduction to the debate surrounding the ethics of elephant tourism. You can read my post here. This week, I’ll be looking into some specific tourism activities available across Asia, so that you can make an informed decision as to which practices to support. (more…)

  • Vietnam extends visa waiver scheme for 2017

    At long last, some good financial news in these times of economic uncertainty! In a much-anticipated move, the government of Vietnam has announced that it will be extending its visa waiver programme for another year. The visa waiver programme exempts citizens of the UK, Spain, France, Italy and Germany from requiring a visa to visit Vietnam, as long as they stay for fewer than 15 days. The initiative was introduced in June 2015 with the hope that it might boost waning visitor numbers to the country. Current figures quoted by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism report that international arrivals are currently up 21.3% on last year – a much more promising outlook than at this point in 2015, when visitor numbers were down 11.3% over the first six months. These figures may ...

  • New national park for Cambodia

    It’s not often that you hear good news from the world of conservation, but environmentalists had cause to rejoice this May as the Cambodian government announced the creation of a brand new protected area: the Southern Cardamom National Park. (more…)

  • Move over Angkor: Ancient cities discovered in Cambodia

    Last week The Guardian revealed an incredible new discovery in Cambodia: vast ancient cities to rival the great pre-industrial civilisation at Angkor. This is a discovery that will change everything archaeologists think they know about Angkorian civilisation - revealing that its true extent was far more substantial than was believed until now. (more…)


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